Here are the requirements to get the LEVMAH project to run:

1. Have the Microsoft Enterprise Library January 2006 bins installed on your machine usually here C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Library January 2006 and if you want to run the LEVMAH test projects make sure you have a clean build of the VSTS tests.

2. Have a clean build of the latest LEVMAH project. The LEVMAH bins are built to the default Enterprise Library path here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Library January 2006\bin change this as appropriate in the project properties window.

2. Install the LEVMAH_SQL.txt SP's to your entlib 2006 logging database.

3. Configure LEVMAH you can do this by hand editing the web.config or by the Entlib config tool.

Open the web.config in the LEVMAHTestWeb folder using the enterprise library configuration tool.

a.) Change the LoggingDB connection string to your logging database environment.

b.) Click on the LEVMAH Email TraceListener change the FromAddress, SmtpServer, ToAddress to your SMTP environment.

You can customize the Formatters to fit your needs but that is optional

Once that is all done save your configuration and and then you can run the LEVMAHTestWeb site.

Using the Visual Studio default web site you will not see any logs you can either set the project up to use IIS or comment out "and AppDomainName = @Application" in both stored procedures ReadAllCategories and ReadAllLogs.

That's it, there is nothing to it.

I will try to get a Webcast out on setting up a project from scratch but in the mean time direct any questions here:

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